Free Spirit

Inspired by our beautiful Australian landscapes, from the mountains to the plains, this summer celebrates the free spirit of the Australian woman. We know this woman. We are this woman. This woman is unafraid. She is curious and inquisitive. She delights in the unexpected. She is quiet and watchful with an easy smile and a joyous heart. Don’t be mistaken though; her kindness is not weakness. She does not follow trends; rather makes her own based on her love of beauty and authenticity. She speaks her truth quietly and unashamedly. She does not shout.

We’ve chosen an eclectic palette that reflects the diversity of our landscape and people, with dusty pinks and soft blues sitting side by side with ochre, navy, black and ivory. Summer is a time to shake off the dark winter months and have fun with colour and print. We’ve included our own oriental inspired floral and bold stripe in rusts and blues, which is exclusive to Violet Fish.

We believe every woman is beautiful. We want our clothes to allow that beauty to shine from within, reflecting who you are that day. That’s why our fits are beautiful, flattering and versatile. 

It’s an honor to share our thoughtful and loving collection with you. We hope this collection inspires you to discover your free spirit.