How has Covid been for you?

It’s been tough for our little family business I must say. However not all bad and we are surviving! Firstly, we would like to thank all you beautiful customers for your continuing support. It means the world to us!

So, the pandemic has made us do things a little differently. We have been unable to trade at the weekend Rocks markets for some time, and our store has only recently reopened. Online is great but it’s a small part of our business and we really miss the contact we have with our gorgeous customers. Like so many small businesses we’ve also taken quite a hit financially. We’ve had to dig deep and have been stretching the family goodwill for a while!

We’ve been making masks which has been great, using up our gorgeous left-over fabrics and keeping our beautiful manufacturers in Bali going with some work. As hard as we Aussies have been doing, Balinese people are really struggling with no government safety nets and being so reliant on tourism 

Anyway we just wanted to reach out and thank you all for your continued support and we hope wherever you are you are happy, safe and fabulous! Look out for our free mask promotion


Jill and Elle x

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