Our Sustainability Aspirations.


At Violet Fish, we believe in community. Life is always a collaboration between many beings coming together to create a richness much greater than the sum of its parts. None of us exist alone and all of our choices have impacts and influences beyond us. After all, at its heart that’s what fashion is: An extension of our selves out into the world, a way of communicating our personality, our loves and aspirations.                What do we want to say? How do we want to be?

Here are some of the things we value at Violet Fish. . .



We are all children of nature first, born of this precious planet wheeling through space. This global consciousness is slowly filtering into all aspects of our lives. Here at Violet Fish, we know that all that we do has an impact on the world we love. From production, to transport and disposal, we endeavour to reduce the impacts on the environment and, where possible to be part of a change for good. Like the waste mantra says, we Refuse to produce transient ‘fast fashion’, which means not churning out endless disposable styles to tempt you into buying what you won’t value or keep for long!  We aiways try to Reduce waste and pollution in our production cycle, by choosing biodegradable nature–based materials, by using our fabric offcuts in creative ways, and by using biodegradable packaging, just to name a few things. And we make it easy to Recycle too! Our fabrics are nature-based so they’re biodegradable. Synthetic petroleum-based fabrics are kinds of plastic. Each time we wash them we release micro-plastics into our environment. Yuck! We also embrace the recycling ethic by creating timeless, ‘slow fashion’ garments that you will want to wear again and again. . . mixing, matching and changing up to endlessly reflect your personality! But, hey, we’re not perfect. We’re all trying to do better. We know we can. . . together.  So, how do you think we can improve?



We love people. Our families, our friends. From our skilled sewers and tailors, our great drivers and fabric merchants, to the people who make this all possible: you the Vf customer, we see family. All of these relationships have to be respectful, ethical, and heart-filled, that is. . . real. For us this means nurturing relationships before bank balance. Violet Fish has to work for all of us. We do not tolerate exploitation in our production chain. Our customer can be confident that our wonderful production team in Bali work in safe, friendly spaces and are payed fairly for their valued work. We know that to be socially sustainable, our businesses have to be imbued with the same love that makes family, friends. For the long term. So, if you want to be part of our gang, drop us a line. What do you love?



Inspired by our love for our favourite pieces of clothing, each one rich in memories of the people and experiences that make us who we are, Violet Fish aims to create garments that will weave themselves into your lives too. We believe it’s all about quality. We create designs that are sumptuous and engaging. We use nature’s fabrics that will breathe with you. We don’t want our clothes to fall apart. We take care to make them well, honouring the skills of pattern-making, cutting, and sewing that our team have developed over years. Each seam, button and pleat has been carefully crafted by our hands. That’s why they feel the way they do. But, to back up our belief in our products, we also have a no-questions-asked returns policy!