Are you over laundering your clothes?

Are you over laundering your clothes?

Conscious laundering is a thing and we all need to take seriously. The process of washing our clothes is causing huge environmental problems and we need to take them seriously.

The plastic particles in synthetic petroleum-based fabrics are ending up in our oceans and water ways and we are now drinking and eating them. Not to mention the nasty chemicals in many laundry detergents that end up in our waterways and consequentially our food chains also.

Large amounts of energy and water are required to run washing machines and we just continue to overuse our precious resources.

Our clothes deteriorate quickly with all that washing and hanging in the sun.

And really, why do we insist on washing everything after one wear? Most items are hardly dirty, it’s just a habit that can easily be stopped. Think of all the extra time you will have!

Here’s some simple things we can all do to help with this problem.

  • Think twice before throwing items in the machine. Air it outside for a few hours instead. Some over garments never need laundering, or very rarely
  • Use a good quality natural detergent. Check your local supermarket or health food store
  • Use a Low water use washing machine
  • Try to minimise use of a dryer and air dry wherever possible
  • Buy natural fabrics
  • Spot clean things if necessary

Obviously there are items such as knickers and socks that need regular laundering, but so many clothes really don’t as often as we are led to believe. With a little consciousness you will be helping the planet; saving your clothes; saving time and money! Win, win win!

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