Comfort in Art

After a difficult year for many (including us) we wanted to celebrate our beautiful island home and express our gratitude for the amazing environment we live in. With this in mind, we reached out to young Melbourne textile artist Brittany Shemmeld to design the print of our latest collection reminiscent of our Blue Mountains native flora.


The result was absolutely breathtaking, creating our latest ‘Australis collection’ featuring native wattle and proteas.



Brittany has a gentle, delicate touch and describes her art as ‘feminine, soft and warm’ and ‘Something that creates comfort in a home.’


Brittany was born and raised in South Africa and then travelled and lived abroad with her family before settling in Australia. A true outdoors lover, her art is inspired by her natural surroundings as well as the countries she has called home. ‘This was a big part of my journey as a creative. It has led me to draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the different countries and I just want to share the beauty in as many ways as possible!’



For a print like the one created for our Australis Collection, Brittany begins the process by a nature walk taking snaps of flora and fauna before going home and sketching elements from the photos. These sketches are then scanned into illustrator and arranged into a seamless repeat pattern before adding colour.We are more than thrilled with the result!

To see more of Brittany’s art head to her Insta @intheclouds_melbourne and checkout

the website:

 Australis Collection


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